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Yes, indeed my friend will now only drive the speed limit.
He now understands that speed enforcement is solely intended to protect citizens, was never based on the oil embargo of the 70s, and never became an important source of revenue on which local governments depend.

In addition, he now also understands that only speed limit violations should be enforced in the US and never the lack of use of turn signals or failure to return to the right lane to allow cars to pass. After all, if one likes the left lane better s/he should be able to use it and not yield to traffic, even possibly slam on the brakes to make others slow down. It is important to take enforcement in our own hands!

Further, improperly maintained cars should never be pulled over as unsafe, especially if they are bouncing on and off the road. After all, if someone cannot afford new shocks, that person cannot afford a ticket - and everyone, even drunks, should have a constitutional right to drive, or at least to promptly get their license reinstated. Not to mention, that not everyone should be required to carry insurance and that people should be freely able to shave, speak on the phone, or put on makeup.

Thank you to those that had constructive opinions on the technology of laser guns. Let's start a new discussions on oil where we can all be opinionated!
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