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Question What are the consequences of hitting sidewalk curb at low speed?

Well today when driving my '82 300D Turbo in the first snowfall of the season I braked for a turn and my car skidded to the right and I hit the sidewalk curb. I was going about 30km/hr when the front left wheel hit the curb. So I got out and looked at it. A part of the outside edge is scratched and a there is a tiny dent. It's only noticeable if you look closely. So I parked it and on the way back home it drove fine except for an odd sound I heard for a couple of seconds while driving 80km/hr. It sounded like it was coming from the hit wheel. So my question is what damage was done to the car? I can't imagine that this did any good for the alignment, but what about the wheel bearings, front suspension, etc?
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