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Gee, and I was thinking the correct answer may just to be driving relatively close to the posted speed limit, not 20+
I believe Ron Miller answered your initial question.

I don't think anyone that has posted on this thread inferred that other vehicular infractions should be condoned and that speeders alone should be targeted.

The point is, other than emergency vehicles, there is never a case where doing 20+ over is acceptable behavior.

There are enough of us that breach the speed limit regularly enough to keep local law enforcement extremely busy. They DO stop other violators as well, but the overwhelming majority are speeders!

Those other violators do what they do consistently, and they will eventually get caught as well.

I had a friend stopped for what she considered no reason, only to receive a ticket for using her cell phone while driving, as well as (she conceded) that her oldest child was not belted in properly (the cop noticed that too). I would like to think the officer saw a potential for an unhappy (and possibly fatal) ending with an unbelted child climbing over bench seats while the SUV-driving mom was oblivious to all that was going on around her while chatting on the phone.

You can take issue with the motivation behind the posted speed limits, but not ALL posted speed limits are bureaucratic.

I know I looked at the excruciatingly slow 20mph school zones in a different light when I got a child of my own, and tried to get her to school safely amid frazzled soccer moms in SUVs with a Starbuck's in one hand, a cell phone in another, and a few screamers in the back seat!

And yes, unsafe vehicles DO get stopped...maybe not when you are witness to it, but they do. I used to encounter a particular older truck on the highway every evening on the highway with NO operational taillights...almost ran into him once.

It was almost two weeks before I saw the same truck pulled over for it. Never saw the truck on the road again!

Here in Keller, the force wants to keep this a bedroom town. So it already has a metro-wide reputation for ticket haven. So if you speed, get drunk, don't use turn signals, or they don't work at all, you WILL get stopped HERE! They will easily pull over the freshly coiffed blonde in the drop-top SL as they will a carload of teenagers on a Friday night. No profiling here!

Maybe police officers where you live single out speeders especially unfairly ticketing those who innocently go 20+ over the posted speed limit. I am sorry that this has taken a sarcastic tone, but this is in light of what may be an unfair assessment of how our police community chooses to enforce the laws of the road.

That said, let's talk about oil...
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