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we're in Nusa Dua, about 20 mins ride south of the airport.
Its s two mile stretch of golden deserted (almost) beach with a string of 5star hotels along it. To be honest we havent seen a hell of a lot - we wnet to Kuta (big Australian surf prescence) and just yesterday went to Uluwatu, which is a cliff top Hindu temple where monkeys roam, and a traditional dance is performed, with the backdrop of a magical tropical sunset..
Otherwise, we've just sauntered around our village a bit. I know some might think that to come all this way and see none of the island is a bit, well, wasteful maybe, but this is exactly what we wanted to do on this holiday - just completely switch off - we've had a tough year.
Tom, we could see those rice terraces from the air, and they are spectacular.
Annie and I have done a fair bit of backpacking thru other SE asian countries, and im not saying its exactly the same here, but after a fashion i guess it is.. We're gonna find it hard to leave this beautiful place tho', and i will miss the warmth of the locals, there is a genuine air of happiness about them..
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