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For a non-intrusive test of the engine harness, the plastic cover can be removed as previously mentioned and inspected where the wire comes out of the conduit and runs to the 2 switch-over valves (AIR pump divert valve and EGR valve) and to the cam adjuster solenoid (often confused as a cam sensor, which it doesn't have), and also the ground wire at the front engine lifting eye, and the temp sensors as noted.
I am unfamiliar with and have not needed to replace anything but the engine harness, the lower harness as noted may actually be a harness that runs to the inside of the instrument panel, which would really be a big job to replace.
The usual problems when the engine harness starts to fail is either incorrect or no operation of the EGR or AIR injection system (logic function chain codes), or possibly inop fuel injectors on real bad ones. I've heard slicing open the harness to the MAF sensor is also a good idea if the harness is suspect due to cracking wires in the switch-over valve area.
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