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Heh, I had a similar experience with my VW, except it was during a really bad rain storm (well after one). I was going through a tight turn when the car started hydroplaning, luckily I was on the outside so I just slid in to the curb (when I started skidding I tryed to counter it, but my attempts proved useless), popped up onto it and came to a halt. I threw it into 1st and eased it off the curb, took it easy so I could feel if there was any damage, there wasn't any, so I drove merrily on my way. When I got to my friends house I got a good look at everything. There was a small scrape on the rim (std VW steel rims) and a chunk of curb.

Thank goodness for solid German Engineering, I'd hate to see what would have happened to a Honda, it woulda probably taken off the front spoiler

Anyways, I doubt there's much of a problem if you hit the curb at a proper angle.
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