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Hmmm, seems as though this thread has digressed a bit, but I will add my 2 cents worth anyway.

For many years I have always traveled with a radar, going all the way back to the infamous Escort. I now roll with a Valentine 1 and it has saved my butt many many times.

We can debate the issue of whether or not you have enough time to respond to a laser, but in reality your detector is going to pick up the laser being shot at someone else way before you even get in range of it. This is your safety net! My V1 picked up one pulse of laser about 1 mile away! I almost thought it was a false alarm, but decided to play it safe (since there was a known speed trap up ahead) and stay at the speed limit till I pass the local hot spots. Sure enough, state trooper with his new laser came into view, when I was in range, he hit me not once but three times. Guess he just could not believe a Corvette was actually doing the speed limit.
1993 500E
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