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1996 E300 remote synchronizing question

My old transmitter was broken; I bought a used one on EBay. Got the transmitter today, replaced with my original key (by removed the little pin that locks the key).
However, I run in to two problems.
#1 I can not synchronizing the transmitter with my car. I did exactly as the manual described (aim transmitter eye at a receiver and briefly press transmit button twice. within 30 sec. insert key in steering lock and turn to position 2). What am I going wrong here?
#2 Even with my transmitter broken, I can not use the remote but I can still use the key OK, but now after replaced the key to my new transmitter, I can not start my car. Is there anything else do I have to do here.
NOTE: When I played with my broken remote, I noticed there is a little chip (kindda look like a ceramic chip) positioned loosely behind the key, is that thing suppose to transfer to my new remote too?
If so, is there a proper way to open this transmitter? Because when I popped out my old transmitter, does not seem it will go back together tightly.
Sorry for this lengthy post, and thank you for any feedback.
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