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I would like to thank you for the information on where to buy the LEDs. My wish to obtain the LEDs should not be construed *in any way whatsoever* that I would ever condone driving in an irresponsible manner. The main problem is peopleís lack of capability in determining where the line is drawn between responsible and irresponsible driving practices.

I am truly and sincerely saddened by your loss. It is absolutely horrific when an innocent person dies at the hands of another. In a perfect world it would never happen. Yet even in this world it happens far, far too often. No matter how strong the laws & and deterrents are, it seems there's no shortage of incompetent people, or just plain morons, on the road.

There are so many factors that lead to tragic events such as that endured by your family.

The licensing laws in this country are utterly pathetic. I truly believe that the vast majority of people that are currently licensed have absolutely no business being behind the wheel of a potentially deadly device. Human frailties as well as peoples own self-delusions regarding their capabilities are the primary cause of all vehicular accidents. Equipment failure is relatively rare -- brain failure is not. People with absolutely no sense of spatial relations. People lacking understanding of the deadly forces that are incurred even at relatively low speeds. People that think that they are great drivers, when they are in fact a grave danger. (Is there even one single person reading this that doesn't think of him/herself as possessing above-average capabilities when it comes to driving? Simple statistics -- Surely we cannot *all* be above average.) Even a competition license does not necessarily convey a guarantee of proficiency (go to a regional SCCA race to see what I mean ).

I do however reject what has happened to our traffic enforcement system. I agree that when a person receives a ticket, they more than likely deserved it. However, they most likely deserved it due to their lack of attention -- if they were paying attention they would have seen the cop. Lack of attention, *even at or below* the speed limit, is cause enough for a ticket (in my opinion). If you're oblivious to a cop crawling all over your rear bumper you deserve not just a ticket; you should lose your license just on principle. But when the police are hiding behind bushes with a radar gun, it just doesn't seem "fair". Fairness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. No matter what the posted speed limit is on any given section of road, it will not make up for ignorance, stupidity, and lack of common sense.

Our police have been turned into a primary source of revenue collection. This takes away from their real purpose, which is to protect the lives of the citizens, and ensure the enforcement of our laws. Reasonable laws. Laws which do not turn every citizen into a lawbreaker -- it is not just the fact that everyone, even inadvertently, has exceeded the posted speed limit at some time in their lives. Procedures that assure that 20 percent of all drivers on a particular section of road are lawbreakers are unreasonable (see my prior post). Artificially low speed limits, posted in particular areas, with the intent of generating revenue, are unreasonable.

There has to be a reasonable balance obtained. Stricter testing and licensing procedures would be a welcome change; however political pressures assure us that that will never happen -- people think that driving is a right rather than a privilege. If the powers that be in this country truly wished to make our roads safer, we would have much stricter laws regarding drunk driving, particularly repeat offenders. An ex-girlfriend of mine lived in Saudi Arabia for two years -- she told me the following, and I have no reason to doubt what she told me: If a foreigner is caught driving drunk, they are deported immediately, never to be allowed into the country again. If a Saudi national is caught driving while drunk, the police will pull the driver out of the car and put a bullet in their head. Right on the spot. That may be a *tad* too draconian, but it is surely a tremendous deterrent.

Enough rambling Ė itís late & Iím beginning to go a bit brain dead myself. There's a good chance that I'll look at this post tomorrow and wish that I had not posted it without reviewing it with a clear head in the morning.

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