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[QUOTE]Originally posted by RunningTooHot

The licensing laws in this country are utterly pathetic. I truly believe that the vast majority of people that are currently licensed have absolutely no business being behind the wheel of a potentially deadly device.

I concur.

I am constantly aggravated at the number of large lumbering SUV's driven by someone who a) doesn't know how to use mirrors B) thinks driving is secondary to whatever else they are doing c) Can't park for s**t.

I think driving a larger vehicle should require additional testing. Secondly I believe turn signals not only to be a courtesy but an intentional safety device.

Cell phone usage while driving should be outlawed on a federal level. Two years , two wrecks, both I got tail ended ( while stopped for 1 min+) by some idiot/bimbo yaking on the phone. One guy actually got out and threatened me while his Lexus was jambed under my 84 f-150 (not a scratch) he was pissed at me because he was not paying attention. I told him I would jamb him under my truck if he did not shut up and wait for the Police. My insurance rates went up on both, I AM PISSED !

Most other countries have stricter criteria on licensing I think it is time we followed suit. Our roads are becoming to crowded to do otherwise
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