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Thank you all your responds,
I got my NEW remote working fine now. What I did was pop out the housing, transferred all the stuff from my old remote over and it works. So the little chip is the main component that enable your remote to works with your car (please refer attached picture for that chip, if you're interested).
However, I still have a problem with synchronizing my remote for doors to work.
What I did was aim the transmitter at the rear view mirror, BRIEFLY pressed twice, and inserted to steering lock turn to position 2. And itís still not working.
I mean what's the proper way to briefly press? Am I suppose to press twice fast, or am I suppose to press one time, and wait for the red light come on, and press a second one? Anyone who done this before, after you pressed your transmitter twice, do you see any light come on from your mirror, or any indications?
Thank you for all the feedbacks.
Best regards,
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