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Thank you, my point exactly.
This is coming for a Belgian (now US citizen) licensed to drive in Europe who has now lived in the US for 16 years but returns and drives in Europe frequently.
I fully understand my choices: my engineering background helps me understand the science and my attorney background the law. So enough of the condescending stuff - I believe I have exercised admirable restraint to this point. I continue to be interested in the science of laser guns but will not acknowledge or validate further personal attacks.
I did not argue that I did not deserve the ticket. The flow of traffic on that stretch were the speed just dropped from 65 to 55 was about 75 (Loop 360 in Austin, Texas if you know the area). I am paying the ticket and moving on. It's good to live in a free country, even if it sometimes means that individuals are free to be passionate and opinionated!
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