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I got the C230 back today after the trans parts came in. apparently there is an 'updated trans control unit' as well as an 'updated valve body' for the trans, and a D&A from valve body. The invoice says "check for codes. 161 065 098 099 100 102 104. Signal wire from N15/3 control module to Y3/16 valve body circuits going open intermittently. Found Y3/6Y3 Solenoid Valve and Y3/6Y6 Torque Converter lock up valve reading erratic resistance. replace Trans control Unit with update, replace valve body with update, D&A valves from valve body, remove portion off back side.

Since it was covered under warranty, I don't think the last sentence was referring to me :p .

Hope this helps someone, and thanks again for the help from this site.

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