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Question A question for Benzmac or anyone who may have an answer

Benzmac, in my brake pad/rotor change posting, I had a big concern about how the brake fluid soaked my hood pad. I have a question that is based on your reply:

I have seen this over and over. When you do a brake job, you have to take off the lid and put a rag over it so the rising fluid will not spray out of the little hole. The little hole in the top of the lid is for inlet air and is small, when pressurized by an idiot, it will spray out like a spray bottle.

Suppose the lid was left on tightly, and the only way the fluid got out was through the tiny inlet hole by means of high pressure. Just how powerful is this pressure that caused the fluid to shoot out? Should I be concern that it may have caused leaks or potential problems in the brake system? The hole is rather small, and I would think it insignificant as a means to relieve pressure.

But then again, the stain on the hood pad is quite big, about 8-9" across and 6" wide above the resevoir. It's hard to imagine that such a tiny hole could have sprayed the area. But your experience can confirm this. My other theory is that they were aware of rising fluid during pad changes and unscrewed the resevoir lid. However, they did not put a rag to absorb the fluid but instead closed my hood down with the idea that my pad would absorb it! That kind of explains why the lid had no messy fluid on it. That angers me deeply--how could they!

I don't know which is more comforting, the pressure hole or the pad rag. Which is more likely the case? And can I tell by the fluid splashes on and around the resevoir? Which situation is most likely to cause heavier spills around the resevoir area?

One more question, and I won't bug you again. What is the purpose of the inlet hole on the resevoir lid? I had sprayed some brake fluid cleaner on the stain (with a cloth over the resevoir), and I then closed the hood. Would the cleaner fumes have any ill effects on the brake fluid inside the resevoir because of that tiny opening? Thanks a bunch. It's kind of sad that I paid so much for a job and not have any questions answered truthfully, if I even got them answered.

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