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Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
My SD will crank over once and start instantly after a 6 second glow when its 25F out, it did this morning! Idles really low and quiet at first (can barely hear it, its like a V8 gasser), usually I just drive away within 10-20 seconds, but if I let it sit it will actually raise its idle after a couple minutes, and idle high for about 4-5 mins, then it settles to its normal idle. Pretty weird considering it has no computer controlling the idle or anything.
I'm glad someone finally mentioned this phenomena. My car does the same thing, I never mentioned it before. It's almost like a gasser with an electric choke. The change occurs like clockwork. I'm not complaining about it or want it changed for that matter. Just glad to know it occurs on other MB's.
1981 240d
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