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Question Oil outside Intake Manifold


Yesterday I was just looking under the hood of my 94 E320. I noticed that on the right side of the Intake Manifold boot, it was kind of oily. Not fresh oil but something that looked like it was spilled awhile back. Is there any reason to be concerned?

I know I have a small head gasket leak but I check the oil level before every oil/filter change and its always nearly full. So I figured I'd change it when there is a lot more oil loss.

The gas mileage I get is fine 22-25 mpg, no start up problems, no smoke from the exhaust, no performace loss.

I've wiped the oil from as best as I can so I can see if there is oil leaking from there. Just let me know if I should be worried or concerned.

Thank you for any insight,
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