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Hello all,

I'm planning on tossing the factory system into the trash and starting from scratch...that Becker Grand Prix is horrible!

What I'm planning is an Alpine CD head, a 4 channel amp of around 50W X4, and Infinity Kappa speakers...separates with 6.5 in. woofers in front, and maybe 5 1/4" coaxials for on the rear deck.

Now, I'm locked into nothing beyond the head unit as it now stands, so I'm very interested to hear what fits where, what has worked out well for other forum members, etc.

One thought: how good will the front speakers sound if the tweeters are way up on the dash and the woofers are down on the door panel next to your butt? Won't the mid-range fall off? Also, are coaxials the way to go in the rear, or should I figure out some way to stuff separates in back there?

I'm not planning a sub for now; I've got a 10 inch self-powered bazooka in the trunk and you can't even hear it through the gas tank! I may add one later, with a HUMONGOUS amp...

Any opinions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Michael
'92 500E
'88 300TE
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