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Over my head?

When the water pump on my 95 C280 began leaking on a little trip to Vancouver BC I managed to limp it home by refilling the reservoir whenever the engine coolant indicator light came on. Since by looking at the water pump sitting high and tantalizing I thought I could save some money by doing it myself. Well, I'm six or seven hours into the project has unless someone can help me in a big way, I'm about to give up.
But before I do maybe there's special tools or gimmics that would allow me to proceed. Specifically, I need to know 3 things just to get past my present hurdle. 1) There's a tube that goes from the water pump and across the front of the engine that's held on by a 10mm nut. I got the nut off but the tube won't budge. It will swivle a little but I can't get it to come out of the water pump. 2) I need to know how many bolts are holding the water pump to the engine block. I can see two. Are there more that I can't see from the top? (Why does Mercedes love these damn allen bolts? ) 3) Is there any special tools that are used to get these bolts out?
If anyone out there is willing to spend some time to help me with this, I would truly appriciate it. The $600 estimate to have a mechanic do it is daunting for me at this point.
Thanks Bob H
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