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The best way to mount your tweeters would be pointing at you.. You can mount them flush on the speaker grill, and if pointed correctly at the middle of the windscreen can sound pretty good by effectively creating a reflection of the sound much higher up than you'd expect. Another option would be to make some groovy little 'Alien' pods for them... this is great this.. :

Take half of a kiddies toy egg (Kinder surprise etc) Spray it the same colour as your interior... mount the tweeter inside that, then with a piece of coathanger wire create a little 'stalk'. The stalk can be affixed to your main grille They end up looking very much like headlights on an old car. If I'm not making myself clear here, its probably the large amount of Port I consumed ver dinner...umm, purely for medicinal reasons. ;-0

Anyway, these pods would allow you to neatly point the tweeters wherever you liked.

As to the amp mounting,.... probably not the best idea to mount them upside down under the shelf, as the air will not travel over them... but if you do, be sure to place some fans on them to keep them cool.

What I've done in my W124 is to remove the cardboard that covers the fuel tank, and using that as a template, cut a piece of MDF. This then goes against the fuel tank, and is secured by L brackets to the parcel shelf etc. Then you can fix your amps to this. ;-) Literally 30 mins work and the car can be put back to normal in 10 mins.... (especially important on a 500E!!)

Anyhoo, let me know what you think!


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