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Here's something I found on usenet about Bowden cable adjustment on W124. Still wish someone could verify all this as I can't find this anywhere on the CD...

Models with adjuster on cable sheath;
1. Disconned the control pressure cable from the balljoint on the cable linkage.
2. Pull the cable forward until slight resistance is felt.
3. At the point where resistance is just felt it should be possible to fit
the cable end back onto the throttle linkage balljoint. If the cable is too
long or too short to achieve this
turn the cable sheath adjuster as necessary until the cable end can be
easily fitted to the balljoint.

Models with knurled adjuster wheel;
1. Turn the adjuster wheel sufficiently to give about 1.0mm of play between
the cable end fitting and the spacer sleeve at the end of the adjuster.
2. Turn the adjuster wheel back until the tip of the adjuster pointer is
positioned exactly above the groove in the centre of the adjuster wheel.

1993 300e-2.8
- gone now <sigh>
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