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I'm likely going to take your advice on the amp install...painted the right color a slab of MDF with threee amps hanging off it should look good.

This is my Plan, anway, but only if I can figure out the sub issue. I think I am going to do do this whole thing at once, so 3 amps are going in. The dealer I bought the equipment from is recommending a non-ported bass box with a single 10" or 12" sub; it would reside in the trunk up near the gas tank, and they suggest I cut some sort of port to get the sound into the interior. In this case I'd likely have to sacrifice the stock first aid kit, but I'm okay with that. However, is there another way? What about one of those porting tubes of 2-3" diameter??

Brian, what did you do with your sub, and how much power do you run? As I mentioned, I have one Prec. Power rated at 75Wx2@4ohms, another at 50Wx2@4 ohms, and can either purchase a 100Wx2 or a 25Wx2. The dealer says that the 25W is plenty to run the rear coaxials, so I can run 50 to the fronts and run 150ish to the sub (75W's quite an amp apparently). However, for "a few dollars more" I can run 75 to the front, 50 the the rear, and 200+ to the sub. What do you think? I don't play super-loud music often, but do on occasion...what I'm going for is a smooth, powerful sound with a lot of detail (thus the speaker choice).

As the the front speakers, I'm inclined to leave the look completely stock and mount the tweeters like a coaxial...there's enough room because I can mount the 4" mid a little deeper than the 5" stock speaker. This would have the tweeter pointing pretty much straight up at the windshield, but directed toward the center of the car by the curvature of the glass. The stock look's important to me, so this will be the way I'll likely go for starters (maybe try out the kiddie eggs later if it sounds crappy).

Any and all thoughts are appreciated....thanks in advance.

Best regards, Michael
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