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Thanks for your comments. As regards the sub placement, I do indeed have the well you speak of (and there's a 16" wheel in there, full-size). In my trunk, there's what looks like a round one-ended cylinder that screws in and holds the spare in place. On top of that there's a plastic tray with a door in it that allows access to the wheel well. Did you simply replace this part with a sheet of MDF with the sub bolted into it?? Then what did you do about trhe carpet on top of that, did you retain it but mount a grill in it?

As regards the rear speakers, I'm still planning on installing the 5 1/2" coaxials in the OE locations on the rear deck..I often ride with 3-4 people in the car so I really wanted to retain full-range sound throughout the cabin. That said, I won't be able to use those holes as ports for the sub. However, you indicated that the ports did little for your, do you think I should install a big 'ole 12 in. sub in the floor of the trunk, powered by 200+ watts mono (I am going to do the larger amps) and see where it gets me?

Also, I saw that one of the sub manufacturers has a flexible "tube" that attaches to the port on a sub cabinet and can be directed my case I could run it straight out the top of the first aid kit and there would be maybe a 2 1/2" - 3" hole. What are your thoughts on such a device, and how much of the sub's noise actually passes out the port vs the front of the speaker?

Thanks, as always, for your help.

Best regards, Michael
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