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Hey, on the same idea, I have a 92 300E with the m103?? engine?? Yea, I think so, well, its the 3 litre inline 6 that comes stock, anyway, when you are in drive, and hold down the brake, is the engine only supposed to rev to 2k rpm? I was getting new tires the other day, and I figured id do some burnouts with the old tires just for kicks, but when I held down the brake and mashed the accelerator, the engine stopped at 2k rpm. Not wanting to break anything, I immediately backed off and just went and got the tires changed. But yea, is it normal for the revs to stop at 2k? And does this mean no burnouts in my benz? (Not that I would do it often, just a good thing to know before you try to do an obnoxious peel-out for a bunch of ricers... and then find out that you can't... and lose face...)
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