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Thanks for the reply,

1. Actually I do have the crimping tool, got it from German Parts & Restoration in San Luis Obispo, CA the tool was P/N: M0050 @ $110.00. You also got to get the adaptor bit (for single chain in my case) P/N: M0050-B @ $24.00. So the total was $134.00 + Freight. Good price for these items I've found so far I think. Yes youall say why when I only will use it every 100,000 miles, well I got 2 Mercedes-Benz vehicles and also people in our local MBCA chapter can barrow it too.

2. Any how so this IS the permanent master link, just wasn't sure because the copper face plate seems to not be a good candidate for this purpose (copper is soft I think).

3. OK I'll do the research on the temporary master link to use for the replacement process, also will keep it for future use, it will be handy.

Thanks again
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