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Get used to it. I get it with boats, and expect to get it with real estate soon. With boats I picked up a select few side jobs. Jobs on boats I liked, with people I liked, who I know pay well and don't screw around. Last summer I had half the people on the dock asking me to do stuff on there boats, I only worked on two. Usually you don't want to get involved.

Since I am the MB guy I ended up taking one MB job, that was it, never again. I'll advise and look at cars for my friends, but no wrenching unless its on my buddies cars over a few beers.

With real estate, certain family and a handful of close friends. Everyone else gets a card. My favorite is when a friend hires another agent, isn't happy then starts asking you for advice! Its like wtf.

You need to draw a line or people will take advantage of you. Also these days you need to protect yourself from law suits. Be very carefull who you get involved with, if something happens they could go after you.
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