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Fuel column “leak down” & Injection Pump element check valves - replacement procedure

I have been reading through the archives regarding replacement of the seals in the injection pump delivery elements. Steve Brotherton has made several postings regarding the symptoms related to faulty check valves seals, but there is very little information as to how to actually replace them.

In one posting there is a reference to a special socket to torque them down. In another posting there was a statement that the elements cannot be removed (except by a shop) from pumps that have "external fuel correction" capabilities.

My car is a 1984 300D -- do these pumps have external fuel correction? Is there really need for special socket to torque them down? If so, where could I obtain or rent one?

Has anyone actually done this themselves? If you could please post some helpful hints on how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

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