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Question Advice on a rebuilt 617a please

Hello from the UK,

I have only just found this forum but the wealth of information has had me reading for hours!
I have not (yet) found the information I am looking for and hope someone will be able to advise.

Recently I have had the 617a in my G-wagen completely rebuilt, this did not go without a hitch though.
Engine came back and was fitted to the car, it was then found the timing was way out. Pump off and back the rebuilers. Pump back on and it wont idle at all, pump off etc... new governor fitted. This pump was alledgely overhauled..
Now the car is back at the rebuilders with a leaking injector (proper leak!)

Now to my question: the engine seems very low on power, in fact if the turbo isnt up and spooling it will hardly move at all. It has now done all of 200 miles since the rebuild including 2 days of offroading.
Having read up on the ALDA adjustment I got excited at the prospect of my g accelerating.
However, should the ALDA need adjusting on a rebuilt engine or am I looking at other problems which the rebuilders should adress while it is there?
There is zero smoke even going uphill in the 2.5 tonne G

One interesting event happened 50 miles after the rebuid, I was gently chugging along at 55mph which is about 2500 revs when the engine suddenly held back, an huge cloud of grey smoke belched from the exhaust, car then surged forward and seemed to be fine since?

I do thank you for reading this far and look forward to your opinions.
This engine is very rare in the UK (less than 10 I would imagine) so it is hard to get info over here.

Thank you and regards

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