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Cool Newbee

Hi all. I'm the proud new owner of an '84 190E and have a few questions.

1. How many quarts of oil does this car hold? I've heard a few stories about Benz owners not getting enough oil put back into the car after an oil change at places like "Jiffy Lube".

2. What's the best type of oil to use? I don't know the difference between all the various weights- it's all Greek to me.

3. What the heck are all the buttons on the dash? Unfortunately the car didn't come with the original owner's manual and I can't figure out all the little diagrams on the various buttons for the heat etc......

4. What's a good repair/reference manual that I should buy?

I know these are really dorky questions but this is my first time owning a Mercedes- I've always had Hondas, which I think are completely idiot friendly. But after owning an Accord with 190K on it, I'd like to do my best to keep my 190E running & looking great. :p

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