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I was a bit concerned that wouldn't receive any responses to my inquiry due to its somewhat esoteric nature.

I fully comprehend your warning regarding this not being a typical DIY job. I really hate to even say this (because it sounds so arrogant when written in text), but I believe that am quite up the task. I am not deluding myself regarding my capabilities; this is just the first diesel that I've ever owned and I'm still on the steep end of the learning curve. Of course, the learning is the fun part -- the bloody knuckles are another story.

I hate to impose upon you, but could you please help me with just two questions?

1. Is the sealing ring that develops leakage the one that goes underneath the delivery valve holder, or is there another internal (within the delivery valve itself) seal that needs to be replaced?

2. Would it be more prudent to replace the delivery valves as a unit (if they're available) or would that be an unnecessary expense & overkill?

Thank you once again -- your help is Greatly appreciated!

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