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Thanks guys! I think that there are a lot of "cheezy" things IMO but I always figure ''to each his own" I guess that's why it's called "customizing" or "personalizing" ones vehicle to his or her own tastes.I also give people credit for their individuality as far as what they put into "making" what they want to the best of their ability e.g. rainmaker,Satish and so many others.Sure, we know it isn't "real" but if you see what these two examples have done to get their cars to where THEY wanted them to be makes it all REAL because they put in the blood sweat and tears to get to their final destination. I'm willing to bet that anyone who was offered the chance to own a "replica" if you will of a $500k car for example, for $10k ,they'd drive the hell out of it with no problem and if some bimbo even THOUGHT you paid that much for it and wanted to go home with you just from meeting you at a stoplight you'd let her bite it and would probably invest in a "fake" rolex to complete the deal Don't get me wrong because I'm not mad or anything,I just found it humorous when some who holler "real this, and real that" miss the picture sometimes.Hell, I've got european lights but its not "really" european,I've got clear corners but its not "really" the way its supposed to be in the US,etc:p But I do respect your opinion so thanks! Oh by the way,I've only had 2 ''real'' AMG's but they were REAL ...I'll try not to be cheezy again but probably will end up cheezy again because I also use 19 inch and 20 inch wheel/tire combos that someone will find cheezy so I confess
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