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Question 77 450SL electrical problem.

Hiya folks,

I finally got my 450SL smogged and registered. (It don't want to talk about smogging did not want to get through).

Now on to the next problem. The car seems to have a temper and , it eats the battery if it hasn't been driven in a OK, maybe it's not a temper just and electrical problem.

I poked at the fuses and found 1 and 2 hot with car off and doors closed. Seems that 1 should be hot at all times...and in fact required for car to run. 2 however does not seem to affect the car when removed (at least setting still).

Since all I have is a chilton book and no fuse box panel at the moment can someone inform me of what fuse 2 is used for (top left). Or does someone have a diagram thay can send?

appreciate the help...
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