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Unhappy No Headlights

Headlights quit. Two nights ago, headlights would not come on when switch is in the headlight position, at that time the only indication was the Bright light blue indicator came on when headlights didn't. Turned engine off, started back up, left headlight came on, right headlight came but was real dim, high beam indicator came on but not as bright. Last night lights quit working completely, no amount of fiddling with this and that caused them to come back on. EVERYTHING ELSE electrically works fine, normal as always.......... but NO HEADLIGHTS. Played with the high beam switch also, so it isn't that. Checked all fuses, relays, etc. at least that I could think of. Replaced ground cable to alternator, it was getting kinda old anyways, didn't fix the problem. ANY IDEAS, please.........................Thanks, Rick
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