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Question 300e & C280

I have been surfing the archives for the last week mostly focused on 300E issues. But, seeing the local prices for ones with <100K miles I could probably get a C280. So, i started looking for info on that now, but got confused.

The 300E is te W124 body style and the C280 is the W202 body style, right? How about the engines? I had written down the 300E has the M103 and the C280 has the M104, but now I am not sure. Which is which?

The 300E looks "more" car to me. Is there are a better one of the two? (I saw some things in the archives, but now its time for me to fine tune the specific questions I have ) . Should I just be concerned with the motor issue or are certatin aspects of the body styles better than the other?

How about this example of two units I saw this week:
1. 93 300E 104K miles $10500
2. 91 300E 75K miles $15K

Just talking 300E in this case, is it worth spending the extra $4500 for 29K less miles? Or just go with the 104K? COndition on both was marvelous.

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