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My concern on the 104K miles unit wasn't the high miles, as I have seen that is not really high by MB standards. The view I had was that with the lower mileage unit, I might be a year away from major service vs needing major service NOW on the 104 mike unit.

I am in the "tire kicker" stage right now, so neither was checked out. I would be looking for all servie docs and have car checked out by MB mechanic before making that type of purchase.

I guess what you are saying that they are different classes (mid size vs compact) is what I noticed in size of each model. I was hoping I was benig dillusional.

I am going to have to research further to decide on what model to focus on. Visually, to me the 300E is nicer, but I don't want to buy "just" on good looks...mechanical features first!

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