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There are many fewer parts in our transmissions than in automatics so I think the rebuild cost may be reasonable. You still have the trouble of removing the transmission, however. If your trouble is with downshifting into 1st, maybe you should coast to stops in 2nd. In my youth, I drove a Honda CVCC 5 speed into the ground. Hard shifting from 1st to 2nd caused it to clash gears a few times. Soon, it was always clunking into 2nd. My 300E has missed a gear once or twice, (it missed, or did I?), and works nicely still; I feather it into gears when cold. I have Glen's old one with now 252K miles. I don't think I'll need a rebuild before 300K or more.

Larry: MB says parts are available even for vintage cars. Maybe you should check with Phil on possible availability problems. Picking up a rebuild may be tough for you.

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