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Fuel distibutor

I have one question before I take on steve's advise and do a basic setup on the fuel distributor.
I purchased this vehicle in June of this year basically strait from a MB mechanic who did about $ 2,800 worse of work on the car. This included a new timing chain, new new fuel distributor, brakes and so on.
I drove the car for about a week before I started to take everything of to get it ready for a new paint job, and noticed that I always had a hard time starting it.
Before I took the bumper and all the chrome parts of I changed the Engine oil and filter, Transmission oil and filter and the fuel filter, and installed a new steering coupling since the car had quite some play in the steering wheel. Since a couple of the small rubber vacuum line's where in bad shape, I replaced them too.
Is there anything I could have done in that process for my fuel distributor to dump excessive fuel in the cylinders ?

Thanks for everybody's advise.

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