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I appreciate all the responses up to now...keep them coming

In response to a few of the comments:

I went to Barnes & Noble last night to look for an MB book, but they just had one that was very very vague. It seemed geared towards just as a browsing book. I will be ordering today the book recommened.

Someone mentioned that in 93 the 300E changed over to the M104? Meaning 93 was the LAST year for M103, correct?

Based on this, I would be foolish to go with an M104 equiped unit, as I plan on working on my vehicle; as much as is realistically possible, so electronics are a no-no . I have always worked on my American older cars (again - no electronics involved ) , so I "assume" it will be more or less the same, as long as I have a good shop manual on my side, with unrealistic jobs being farmed out to an MB shop in town. (I have some different specific service questions, which I will address under seperate cover once I finish surfing the archives).

Easy questoin.... Is the M104 V6 or also I-6? Just curious

I see I am on the right track, as I also assumed that I would be better off with a 104K less expensive (if in good shape, records, etc.) than with a 71-75K mile unit but more expensice.

On a side note, I have noticed a shocking (to ME) and interesting bit of info. Typically when you surf in print or online for sale car ads, if they have high miles (most of us common un-MB enthusiasts would say >100K miles is high) don't advertise the MILES; but last night on Ebay while looking at 300E's I saw alot, more than any Corvette (I Know different class, but it is / was one of my options I was looking at) listed. Just in passing I saw miles such as: (in K's) 199 236 221 276 145 141 230 216 167 215 284 230 126 ..... Pretty amazing, but looking at it from the outside, I ask myself, "yes, they are high miles, but at what price?" My point being is that it might be possible to keep any vehicle on the road for ever, but at a Price ($$$$$), just a thought, not trying to cause any waves or anything.

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