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Well the reason I'm saying its the Head Gasket is from the following:

-Looking in the engine bay I can visibly see lots of oil thats been dripping from the side of the engine. The starting point is where the exhaust pipes meets the engine.

-When I got my oil & filter changed about 2 weeks ago there was lots of oil on the plastic cover under the the whole front end.

-I've driven it about 300 miles last week and noticed that I had lots more oil on the driveway than the usual 1 or 2 small drops.

-Checked the oil level and it was @ minimum.

-Before driving it today I had laid out newspaper on the floor of my garage and went for a 30 mile sprint....when I came back in I parked in the garage. After like an hour I backed up to see the what was dripping. I found 4 large drops of oil..about 2" in diameter. Before I had to really hunt for the 1-2 specs of oil.

-Also I had noticed that I had oil on the Intake Manifold boot and it was kind of greasy on the side closest to the right front tire.

-I didn't have oil in the coolant though.

I had a dealer look @ it last spring and here is the report they said: Appears to be from Head Gasket, Chain Tensioner, Front Timing Cover Seal, and Oil Pan Gasket.

Any ideas to where to look and how much these things would cost? Just a ballpark figure is fine.

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