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1987 300DT (TDT?) - Rear accumulators - Need part numbers

My recently purchased 1987 300TD (TDT or DTD ??) wagon is VERY BOUNCY in the from reading here on the Forum, it looks like I need to replace my accumulators.

I have some questions.

Is there any other possible cause of BOUNCY REAR that I should be checking before I start this job?

Are these accumulators the same for all 124 wagons or does the diesel have different part number.

Want to use OEM. What are the OEM make/brand?
Need the part numbers.
Are they different right and left or same one?

I see some accumulator sets on ebay for around $150 per set but they all seem to start with the part number "123". Are the accumulators for the 124 interchangeable with any other years.

What did you pay for your set?

What else should I be checking for replacement while I'm at this job.

Warren C.
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