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First off....Benzmac sorry on the misquote

I think I'll do the recommended things degrease to get a better idea of where the leak is coming from.

I love the Johnny Cockran quote...brilliant!

As far as the oil/filter change....even before the changed anything when I helped them (personal mechanics...known since 88) to remove the plastic cover @ the bottom....there was a big puddle of oil at the bottom of it. Usually there is a sort of dried greasy residue at the bottom. Last time it was much more fluid like.

Also when I did the usual oil/filter change the underneath section of the car was always very oily and I'd spray a de-greasing solution everytime.

Well let me re-investigate and keep you all posted. Hopefully it will be easy and cheap to fix. Until then my Benz awaits me on the driveway....its gonna be so weird to drive a normal car (Nissan Maxima) to work and back.

Thank you for all the input,
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