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Thanks for the "bump"
I have done all the mechanical stuff to my SD, but haven't driven it enough to know what other problems I might have.
I did change the anti freeze the other day, and had no heat at idle, but on a short trip around the block, I had copious heat--but only thru the defroster vents. I could not get air flow from any other place.

I assume I need to replace, or by-pass the electric water pump. I am guessing that I need to remove the Climate Control Computer and see if it is fried.

One more sympton, the aux electric fan runs continously. Could all this be tied to the CCC? What are the odds that a simple resolder of the CCC will fix these issues?

After working correctly in the garage for the last year, the OEM Becker radio now refuses to work. I get some noise and a portion of the display. Could this, too, be related to the CCC?
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