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Well spoken gentlemen! I don't think its really a question of jealousy or anything, but I just wanted to add that it wasn't a BIG deal that I have to have an AMG badge on the car but just something different. Yea, I considered Braubus and even RennTech but figured those would be even harder to get IN TOWN and AMG was a quick fix...I think there's a classy way and a really "cheezy" way to personalize one's car (like when I see people with cutlass' or something WAY out have a CADILLAC badge on the car and around the key locks) but again I always come back to each his own because its "his" or "hers" and whatever floats their boat float "their" boat. Anyway that's my 2 extra cents although I really wanted to find out where to get my hands on the V-8 badge (like the V-12) moreso than the AMG but it seems that there's always been a big controversy with the AMG badging.Which brings me back to the original question: Anyone know where the V-8 badge can be found at a decent price??
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