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Smile thanks guys, appreciate it

however, i researched for a long time... still coudn't figure it out what model is my car is... the previous owner said it was a 1955 220SE, but i checked it out, 220SE model are starts at 1956... and with totally different engine code or chasis code.

but i guess its a 220A import model. Mr.Morris said this model did not imported to america, hopefully he's true. but any official evidencec?

here is the chasis code ... i barely see it's something 180 010 or 180 040...

benz dun have any model of chasis 180 040 rite? so i guess its a 180 010, which my car is

Ed. R: Thanks for so much infos. So i'll better call them soon, thanks alot budd.

Athur: you sure is same engine? coz 220A is only 80 + a few more ponies, but that 219 has a 92HP engine. that's what i see at the Ponton's page
here is the link of info of my 220A?
and here is the link of info of 219

my dad yesterday brought the entire engine and transmission system to his company's backyard to disect the engine into pieces, he is a mechanic for more than 30 years, and today he say all the piston are stuck, and one or two pistons are exceptional hard which seems like filled with tarmac, it won't move even u hammer it hard. so he just pull off the camshaft out and put it into a sink fill with disel fuel too, with the entire engine. sincce he can't think of no way to fix it... so he just put them into the disel tank continoue tries to lube it and see will it come back smooth. i think it's not the problem of the piston... just the engine's hole for the pistons are too rough and sticky. so there shouldn't have parts of this case... rite? i dunno... i'm not a mechanic... just a wild thought hehe

mmm... i feel sorry to ask again =)
but anyone have this experience before? or know how to solve it?
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