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2.3 16V Intermittent Battery drain when driving, Alternator OK

It seems that on my 85 Euro 16V, the battery drains intermittently when I drive it. Battery does not drain when car sits for prolonged periods. When I drive I can see the volt meter start to drop, then it will jump back up above 12V. A few times the volt meter has gone all the way to zero, tach starts to jump and car stalls - completely dead, usually when I am not near my home in Boston. I charge the battery, car drives fine for a few days and then- same thing happens.

Replaced the battery and had the alternator checked (58 amps) by dealer. Seems ok. Problem is, this is an intermittent problem that happens maybe twice a month - and wouldn't you know it never happens when the dealer has the car.

Could it be the regulator in the alternator or a loose connection somewhere? Anyone had this problem before?
Dealer has seen this car twice and problem still remains.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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