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Pulling the starter is a piece of cake, well sort of.

With the nose of the car levitating off the ground, crawl under and eyeball the starter. You'll see the lower bolt in plain sight and that it takes a 19mm socket and a holding wrench to remove it.

The other bolt is where you can't see it so easily. Find it. It should be a 10mm allen key pointing to the back of the car. The secrete to removing it is to get a 10mm allen key socket, a universal joint, and a 3 foot long extension rod. Starting at the rear of the transmission, just put the extension rod in and up towards the starter. The bolt will come out in a jiffy this way.

To actually get the starter out of the engine compartment once you disconnect it from the motor, turn the steering wheel hard right. (That's why you didn't use jack stands to hold up the car).

Assembly is the reverse of removal.

Warning: Don't take a wrench to the starter until after you disconnect the battery. Nothing will ruin your day like an engine compartment fire with you under the car.

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