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Lightbulb More on 86 300E 5speed...Opinions?

A quick check of the maintenece records has, I believe, revealed the source of the worn 1st gear synchro. The records show that the tranny slave and master were replaced. How much to bring this tranny back to new? Any sources for parts? Am I nuts for buying this car? Stats; 112K All regular service done, new cam and valve stem seals Body had a light hit in rear bumper, 6 outta 10 in quality of repair...Cracked ft grille and headlight lens broken. Some door dings, no rust, 8 outta 10 on paint medium blue on dark blue leather interior is a 8 outta 10, A/C works well but has all the original parts except expansion valve (Stuff ready to break, like compressor, vaccum valve actuators?) All you 124 buffs, chime in! Thanks! PPS $7500$

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