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W124 tumbler...Can't get it off

Hello All,

I know this topic has been covered in depth but I seem to have a problem. My tumbler is sticking when turned so I would like to replace it. After doing research it seems like I it is recommended to remove the instrument cluster. I pulled out the bottom panels and managed to disconnect the wiring harness on the far left side of the I.C. but it still w/n pull forward so I can remove it. I have a good view of the tumbler and other parts , so is it necessary to remove the I.C. If not how do I release the tumbler after moving the key to position 1. I see 2 little notches in the cover plate for the key. When the key is lined up w/ the poss 1 markings on the tumbler, the notch(hole) is open. Is this where I would insert the wire/large paper clip?. What should I be feeling for? Do I unscrew the tumbler housing or does it pull right out? Sorry for all the questions but I am kind of at a standstill. New coded tumbler is on order so I would like to have it torn down before the new one arrives.

BTW.. Great site you guys have here. Thanks again for the all the info and help you guys have been providing.
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