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I agree with some of the posts about the 140...I have a 1992 model and between me and the original owner I think every part just about has been replaced.....many of them more than once
Some people don't understand that the 140 is a very different animal than the 126 or 124...would say it is about 3 times the cost to repair...especially whn you already know you will be visiting the shop more often regard to the japanese cars..I have owned a few....almost no problems....but somewhat boring cars.....I have actually heard that the Q45's and LS400's were good long term cars in terms or repair...but like any car with a ton of electronic gizmos...when it breaks get your wallet out!!

but to the the credit of the 140....the ride,comfort and quality of interior materials is unreal...when its good ..its very very good.....but when its your wallet and say "ahhhh"

1992 300SD 126K
Columbus Ohio
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