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List problems to expect on 300E >100K miles

Ok, I have read and read, gone through the archives, and made a spreadsheet on the typical problems on a W124 w/M103. I have goten valve job, timing chain, a/c, subframe mounts, alternator, steering box, head rebuild, rear shocks, struts, fuel pump relay, possibly cam, & water pump (frequent failure).

So, quite a variety of things to go wrong. Now, I want to simplify it for myself and for future potential 300E / W124 buyers that come to surf the archives.

What do I need to change/repair (typically) from 100K through, say 200K miles on a ...let's say 92 300E? Please give me your experience as owners and / or TECHNICIANS.

I think everyone should concur that the 300E M103 equiped is a simpler machine to buy parts for and work on. I would be doing most of the work myself, short of a bottom end rebuild or tranny rebuild .

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