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I agree with Larry. Even without the 5 speed, you car is worth about $7500, by the sound of it. If you are worried about the A/C, I believe there is a special oil that you can have added. I had my complete A/C done with conversion to R134 and it was under $2K. Getting the valve seals done is a $1500 job that you don't have to do. The synchro parts are cheap, (readily available, I would think), but the tranny has to come out. Two good shops in Denver would be:
Ritter Stu Mercedes Benz Technician
1250 S Inca St. Denver, CO. 80223
(303) 698-2431

Star Technology Mercedes
2630 S Broadway. Denver, CO. 80210
(303) 744-7021

Stu Ritter's old shop was Star. I didn't know he took business anymore. I would start with Stu to get a quote, he is the master.

Once you have one, you can be like me:
Mechanic: That car of yours, it's really rare, you know.
ME: I know.
Mechanic: I've never seen one before. Lots of 190's.
ME: Only 781 5 speed 300e's in 1986!
Mechanic: I hear that Larry Bible has a really rare one.
Me: no comment.
1967 250SL

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